Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Genius of Time - Tuffa Trummor (2012)


For fans of: Motor City Drum Ensemble, Levon Vincent, Move D

"unlike their last, ‘houston, we have a problem’, these two new genius of time efforts are unlikely to ever mark the standout moments of a night. but that’s not the point of them, they aren’t trying to be anthemic and nor do they cull any popular samples, instead they are two expertly embellished grooves designed to get you dancing. of course they’ll also get you feeling something, too, because the swedish duo have a knack for heartfelt hooks and pop accessibility, but all housed in underground aesthetics.

‘tuffa trummor med synth’ might not be a catchy title, but there is something wholly catchy about the wavering, underlapping groove on which it is built. there’s a subtle garage shuffle to it that’s heated with plenty of deft synth details, but most infectious of all is the coarse, oscillating synth line that wiggles and jiggles with an unashamed funk right in your face. on the flip, ‘tuffa trummor med roast’ is a little less settled, there’s a call and response action going on where a low down jack hammer sound bangs a few times, only to be answered by a more metallic tin pot clatter up top. a string-laced breakdown brings a moment of serene calm before the jiggering, undulating rhythms roll once more. there’s plenty of air and space around all that, though, with dusty synths and what sounds like a never ending vocal echo adding many more layers for you to get lost in. catchy in the least obvious way, picking a fav here is futile." - Teshno

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