Sunday, September 11, 2011

David Thomas Broughton - Outbreeding (2011)

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For fans of: Sam Amidon, Bill Callahan, Antony & The Johnsons

His voice is very strong, and fortunately he chooses to make music that just about fully expresses it. Other than an acoustic guitar, he uses all kinds of manipulation techniques that seem to fold parts of songs in on themselves, or branch other parts out into nowhere, but it all fits perfectly. Then the songs themselves are full of witty lines about different personalities and situations that really catch my attention. It's a great set of songs that are both more heartfelt and more adventurous than most, outwardly conventional, but inwardly experimental. - Matthew Foster

"He sees resentment, guilt and loathing, we see folk-song brilliance

The more David Thomas Broughton tells you what an awful bastard he is, the less inclined you are to believe him. The maverick’s third album streamlines the sprawling electro-dashed folk of its predecessors into a dual-pronged thrust of debased beauty and elegant despair (“I am a perfect louse, I bleed the goodness from your body”, ‘Perfect Louse’), but it’s his electrifying croon that lends this its wealth of weary charms – ‘Apologies’ longs wistfully to “set your body on fire”, while ‘Joke’’s regrets of a rocky relationship are tinged with a poetic, silver-tongued optimism at once deplorable and discomfitingly familiar.

Bleeding excellence from every pore, self-loathing never felt so worthy." - NME

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