Saturday, April 9, 2011

K-S.H.E - Routes Not Roots (2006)


For fans of: Moodymann, Levon Vincent, John Roberts

As one would come to expect from Terre Thaemlitz, this is a social commentary filled journey through different sounds and feelings. It's much closer to the deep house of DJ Sprinkles than to the ambient of the releases under his real name, and actually wouldn't sound out of place next to the Detroit house of Moodymann et al. Two fantastic 13 minute tracks (Hobo Train and Crosstown) stand as pillars, with several similar sounding but shorter dance tracks and social sketches filling in the space around them. The tempo is mostly quite high and keeps your attention, but on a couple tracks, there are no beats, and he instead chooses to present an issue or idea, such as the six minute comedy bit Stand Up, where he talks about a time he was dragged by his hair out of a NY subway by a gang of Puerto Rican drag queens. If you're looking for very evocative and funky house music, this should be one of the first to look for. - Matthew Foster

"Much-needed reissue of Terre Thaemlitz's (aka DJ Sprinkles) K-S.H.E, or Kami-Sakunobe House Explosion album, originally released in 2006 in a limited, bespoke run on his Comatonse label. A good proportion of the tracks have been reissued over the last 12 months on a series of Skylax vinyls but this is their first full reissue on CD, including exclusive mixes of 'Fuck The Down-Low (What's Your Secret Mix)' and 'Double Secret'. There's something about Terre's productions in this mode that really strike a deep, mystical, rarely-touched chord and fans of the deepest, most esoteric House music should invest without delay. Recommended!" - Boomkat

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