Saturday, December 11, 2010

Big Blood - Dark Country Magic (2010)


For fans of: MV & EE, Natural Snow Buildings, Charalambides

Very entrancing and blissful music, this is. It's more drone-y than Dead Songs was, but at the same time has a wider variety of moods present. "Ringers in the Fold" had me captivated, then "She-Wander(er)" lifted the atmosphere a bit with a faster tempo and a simple piano melody, then later came "Coming Home Pt. III," which is just straight up beauty. This album is something to sink into and let drag you around it's strange yet joyful world. - Matthew Foster


  1. Thanks a lot for everything, buddy.
    I've downloaded more than 25 albuns from you since the last few days.

    Wonderful stuff.

    You should take it easy with the chill-ambient stuff, though, you need to stick with Merzbow stuffalike longer!

  2. Ahhh! Noise, noise, noise!

    I have no idea where to begin with Merzbow, it's so harsh!

  3. Big Blood from my constellation of Strange Maine artists is dead-on incredible. They are a trip when seen live but are also a small part of a long-standing collective of nonconformist musicians from Maine who blow Europe away and leave most of the U.S. indy market in the dust. All their stuff is free and I'm sure that they have much more than they have released so show them some love and prepare to be surprised!