Thursday, August 26, 2010

Arandel - In D (2010)


For fans of: Moritz von Oswald Trio, Redshape, Pom Pom

Like that of Burial before 2008 or Pom Pom, Arandel's identity is shrouded in mystery. Also like that of those two artists, Arandel's music is super-contemporary and acknowledges what came before it to create something that can only exist in the 21st century. In D is a reference to the classical minimalism of In C. The album is a minimal techno album in sound and feel, but was carefully created organically with analog synths and real instruments including strings, horns, percussion and vocals, and is much more an avant-garde album in attitude. For something that has an appreciable classic beauty and the ability to make you move ecstatically, this is perfect. - Matthew Foster

"ARANDEL is a secret entity whose only function is to let the music take centre stage. Arandel is a proposal for variations “IN D” - a nod to Terry Riley’s seminal In C and to the American Avant-Garde scene.

+Arandel is a political commitment, the quest of an authentic and organic sound.

+Arandel is a sound dogma, where the rules are deliberately strict – only resorting to his own recordings (no MIDI, no plugins, only analog synths), only his own instruments.

+Arandel is an experimental hub, where creation stays flexible. A Contemporary Classical Music in the broad sense of the word, with no stylistic boundaries. An original concept, a whole unheard-of sound." - Arandel

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