Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Books - The Way Out (2010)***


For fans of: Laurie Anderson, Animal Collective, The Avalanches

After just falling in love with their previous three albums a couple months ago, The Books' fourth comes at the perfect time for me. It is definitely the same Books five years since their last album, but they do seem to have changed a bit since their early years. The Way Out seems more musical than the others, and sounds much more like a strange electronica album. The music is able to evoke nostalgia and imagery like no other with it's sampling of playful child voices. When the children are absent, there are thought feeding musings about how and why the human feels and thinks the way it does. While keeping their sample-based food for thought, they've made something much more melodic and musically satisfying, it could be their best yet. - Matthew Foster

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