Monday, June 14, 2010

Harold Budd - Abandoned Cities (1984)


For fans of: Brian Eno, Steve Roach, Robert Rich

"Harold Budd's Abandoned Cities contained two very ambitious pieces of music. The 20-minute 'Dark Star', collocating drones and symphonics, abstract and moving in slow-motion in no clear direction, felt like a somber nebulae hovering over a dormant city, a threatening mirage of a world dead for thousands years, icy and hostile but deluding you into believing that it can be warm. The 23-minute 'Abandoned Cities' went even deeper into hibernation, and even deeper into existential despair; this music was pure anemia, resembling barely audible emotions that implode towards the abyss; a requiem for a star that dies and vanishes into eternity, and only it's memory is left. At some distant world, you can still see the star, it's flickering light still traveling a hostile universe, but in actuality the star has died." - ILY

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